Boxing Grannies,

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Boxing Grannies

The Boxing Grannies are like elderly Gladiators. You may remember a similar toy in the 80's with a couple of boxing men but these are much funnier. Now you can create your own geriatric-styled Gladiators with the suspiciously tough Boxing Grannies. Push their buttons and watch them punch! Well I never!

About The Boxing Grannies

* The Boxing Grannies is a hilarious mechanical Toy, in which the Boxing Grannies punch each other senseless until one goes down!
* The Boxing Grannies are on springs and will 'pump' and punch when their buttons are pushed. (Ooh-er, ok sorry, that's just wrong!)
* The Boxing Grannies measures: 24.5cm x 21.5cm x 11.5cm (Appox)
* The Boxing Grannies Is suitable for anyone willing to have a laugh at these weak old women!

We don't know whether they're fighting over who stole the last bus seat, loose change or their old men, but these Boxing Grannies sure are miffed! When you buy the Boxing Grannies, you're guaranteed two squabbling Grannies for life! (For those of you lucky enough not to have them for real!) Kitted out in the latest and greatest Granny-gear, the fists of fury on these old ladies is sure to give you the shivers! Whoa. Wouldn't like to meet them on a dark night! They love a crowd and will more than happily perform for your office or home audiences! So buy them now before they either kill each other or one 'goes to a better place'!
What's in the Boxing Grannies Box?

* Two competitive, mechanical Boxing Grannies!

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