Top Ten Brony Songs for May 2012-Community Voted [18+]

By: Saberspark


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Sorry this took me so long to get out, this past week has been very busy for me. I hope you all enjoy the first episode of the new series! **REMEMBER! THIS IS COMMUNITY VOTED! SEE HERE FOR YOURSELF! 10. Aviators - Love is in Bloom Remix (Feat. Yelling At Cats and Hmage) 9. Acoustimandobrony - Loyalty (Aviators Remix) 8.Griffin Village - Spring (Big Macintosh) + Seasons EP by JackleApp 7.Omnipony - She's An Alarm Clock (She's A Pony Remix) 6.[Singing] Pinkie's Brew: Russian Gypsy Jazz English Cover by Mic the Microphone 5.Pony Rock Anthem by ShadyVox 4. Changeling by All Levels at Once 3. Twenty Ten - Filly Cannon 2. Awoken [H8_Seed + WoodenToaster] 1. Alex S. - Party With Pinkie [VIP] Honorable Mentions General Mumble - Crush. Kill. Destroy. Swag. ThatSonofaMitch befriends All Levels at Once - First Night Alone [PMV] The Massive Smile Project Music Video Gonna Make You Smile (Smile Smile Smile Remix) by TripleBlueShell Wildfire Rock - Original MLP Music by MandoPony (Happy Birthday, Sibsy!)
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