Top 5 - Cool Dudes in Gaming

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Published 12 May 2013
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It's hard to create a cool character but that's exactly what developers have been trying to do since games became popular. We've selected the five coolest dudes in gaming!

5. Kratos

Kratos is possibly the angriest game hero of all times. This scary looking dude has an unstoppable compulsion to kill. His complete lack of empathy and badass chain blades make him easily one of the coolest characters in gaming. Sometimes is awesome to play the bad guy. 

4. Commander Shepard

Commander Shepard is the hero of the Mass Effect series and the first human ever to achieve the elite status of Spectre.  He also bones alien girls and occasionally punches annoying reporters in the face. Girl or boy, Shepard will not hesitate to kick your ass to save the galaxy and that's exactly why we love him. 

3. Kane

He might not be playable in Command & Conquer, but he's the driving force behind the Brotherhood of Nod. Kane is a power hungry dictator, willing to kill his allies to gain more control over energy sources. Oh, and he says awesome stuff in cut scenes too!

2. Master Chief

Spartan John-117 captured the imagination of gamers across the world since his debut on the original Xbox. He's a man of few words and never shows his face, adding more mystery to his persona. Master Chief will be remembered for decades. 

1. Solid Snake

Solid Snaked started his career as a standard action hero but soon evolved into his own character. Snake doesn't just look badass but sounds great too thanks to the gravely voice of David Hayter. Gamers have seen him grow from a rookie spy to broken down old timer without ever losing his cool. It's unique to see a character with such a complete story arc in gaming making him the number one on our list.

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