The Dark Times of Bathory Sims 2

By: Christinlovely


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Story starts in the dark castle, where Countess Elizabeth is seen walking along the beach watching the stormy sea and the hungry waves. She remembers smth, but can't get the details of each past day. She sees the strange seen from her past- a man biting her.
Meanwhile, she gets more cruel. Her castle becomes a Chamber of Torture.
From history.
Elizabeth Bathory , the Blood Countess, is one of the most famous of all historical vampires.
She is considered the most famous serial killer in Slovak and Hungarian history. She spent most of her life at the Čachtice Castle. Early in her life while her husband was away she dabbled in the occult, as well as gave birth to four children. After her husband's death, she and her alleged four collaborators were accused of torturing and killing between 600 and 700 girls and young women. In 1611, she was imprisoned in solitary confinement, where she stayed until her death three years later. Her nobility allowed her to avoid an immediate execution. However, three of her four alleged collaborators were put to death...

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