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DARK BLOOD the unfinished movie with River Phoenix, Judy Davis & Jonathan Pryce.

Directed by George Sluizer in 1993 in the desert of Utah, production ended ten days before the end of shooting due to the sudden and unfortunate death of uprising Hollywood star River Phoenix. Studio Fine Line in Hollywood believed DARK BLOOD would be the independent surprise of the year 1993. Now in 2012 George Sluizer is finally able to start the editing of the unfinished film.
As a Rivier Phoenix fan YOUR CAN PARTICIPATE NOW in making this film happen. Support the crowdfunding campaign trough www.cinecrowd.com and get rewarded with the first screening and even an actual 35MM FILM FRAME with River Phoenix.

## For any questions about the campaign, website or payment system, shout out to us at Twitter: @Cinecrowd.

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