Suhagarat Recorded on Camera

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Suhagarat Recorded on Camera
Hero Kapildev and Heroien Jayamadhuri studying in the same college. Heroien having close six close friends and enjoying a lot like anything. Hero loved her sincerely and she rejected his love and shamed him. Even though he asked her to love him. In this juncture heroien told this matter to her brother who is a vilan. He one fine day trapped him lonely place and murdered him with the help of his friends. The hero become a ghost and killed first all five of heroien's friends by rape them. Finally when he torgeted heroien with the church father and
inspector tried to save her. But hero caught her neck and trying to kill her by that time church father killed him back side with the Jesus Christ's Mark and the hero's sole burned and died. Heroien also died simulteneously. This is the main story of the film.

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