Rollercoaster at GTA 4

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Video in first person view:

"Rollercoaster" made by andiv8.
You can Download the "Rollercoaster" here:

Music: Justice - Dance

thats how to install it:

Before you start playing:

First you need the nevest version of the native trainer.
If you dont got it:

Then you have to copy the File: object8.ini into the Folder where you also copy the trainer into:
C: - Programs - Rockstar Games - Grand Theft Auto IV

Now start GTA 4 as Administrator (Right Click - Open as Administrator)
If you dont do that GTA 4 wont start.

While your playing:

First start the trainer by pressing F3.
You can steer with the numpad (2 - Down, 8 - Up, 4/6 - Scroll Pages, 5 - Open, 0 - Back)
You can hide the menu by pressing F4.

Then open: Object Spawning - More Objects Menu - Load Objects from objects8.ini.
After you were driving on it select: Delete Last 500 Spawned Objects to delete it.

If you dont understand it write me a message.

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