Sexy Man Legs Song - Vote 4 My Sexy Legs Panty Mython

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Please Go here and Vote for my Sexy Legs here ***********/watch?v=oqIInxWeqCE Do not Vote f...
Please Go here and Vote for my Sexy Legs here ***********/watch?v=oqIInxWeqCE Do not Vote for Kronc27 as he won it last year! :-( Thank you so much!:-) peaceouTy! TAMMpON Lyrics To Sexy Man Legs Song ==================== Legs are TWO! They been aged and bruised, But they move so sexy you must saaay!?! Assume you've got the time! Go and Vote 4 Mine! It only takes a Minute! And then you're already Finished! Come! Once a Day Go to Panty Mythons Channel and Vote 4 My Sexy Legs I don't wanna beg you, but I am on my knees this time! Need this more and I am not faking just because I need a Rhyme! Please just make me Mr. Sexy Legs of All Two Thousand and Nine! So GO VOTE 4 TAMMpON Over Panty Mython For her Sexy Legs Contest! Can't Stress how much I want this! Oh I would be so humbled, if you would go Over and Vote for Me! I'd jump around and Tumble & Float down feeling Ecstasy! I don't wanna Rumble Now with these others dudes you see! But have you seen KRONC Now? No he aint what he used too be! He is looking very very Naassty!?! KRONC27 YOu Know I am very very Sexy!?! Yes I am...yes I am Sexy!! I have very Sexy..Sexy Legs!! Guitar & Bass by Denny Bajdek Beat made by TAMMpON Edited by TAMMRON Lyrics by Jason Thompson