Van Helsing: Evanescence - Lacrymosa

By: typicalxlyf


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The adventures and awesome moments of the movie Van Helsing starring Hugh Jackman from X-Men and Kate Beckinsale from Underworld. ^^

Yeah, so I made this video because I'm a fan of Van Helsing and I know that not many people like this movie. But I like it. It is an entertaining movie with lots of amazing effects, action and awesome soundtrack.

Oh right, this is also my first video that was been made by Sony Vegas Pro 8.

Videos used:
Clips from Van Helsing
Evanescence - Lithium

I tried to use clips from the music video Lithium that matches or is closest to the song "Lacrymosa."

Songs used:
Evanescence - Lacrymosa

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(This is a fan-made video, I do not owe the clips or song.)

- JeweL
Your big-vampire-fan friend. ^^

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