Super Junior Couples and Kisses

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Hi~ SuJu couples, but there is a Yunho X Donghae, I couldn't resist. Sorry for the bad quality! ------- Fav...
Hi~ SuJu couples, but there is a Yunho X Donghae, I couldn't resist. Sorry for the bad quality! ------- Favorite comments: this is madness!!!! everyone is cheating on each other!!!! (pinkflipflop823 ) see what you can get if you create a huge boy group (yuuki052591) -------- DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own the pictures, gifs, or music. Rights go to their respective owners. Music: -"My Girl (English Version)" by Xing -"Midnight Fantasy" by SuJu -"Saphire Blue" by SuJu -"U" by SuJu Couples: Kibum X DongHae ( Kihae ) Kangin X Eeteuk ( Kangteuk ) Ryeowook X Siwon (SiWook) Donghae X Sungmin (Haemin) Ryeowook X Yesung (Yewook) Ryeowook X Sungmin (Minwook) Hankyung X Sungmin (Hanmin) Eeteuk X Sungmin (TeukMin) Kyukyun X Sungmin (KyuMin) Kibum X HanKyung (HanBum) Siwon X Eeteuk (TeukWon) Shindong X Heechul (ChulShin? XD) Kibum X Heechul (HeeBum) Ryeowook X Donghae (HaeWook?) Yesung X Donghae Eunhyuk X Donghae Yesung X Hankyung Yunho X Donghae Siwon X Heechul Kangin X Heechul Siwon X Donhae Eunhyuk X Heechul Siwon X Kibum Heechul X Hankyung Siwon X Hankyung Eunhyuk X Sungmin Kangin X Sungmin Kangin X Dongahe Yesung X Ryeowook Shindong X Eunhyuk Kangin X Eunhyuk Heechul X Sungmin Heechul X Donghae Shindong X Kyukyun Eeteuk X Hankyung Yesung X Eunhyuk Ryeowook X Eunhyuk Eeteuk X Eunhyuk If your favorite couple wasn't in here, sorry! ------ As of Nov 24: I have 2000+ views and 53 faves(In less than a week!). That just shocks me. It's more than my other SuJu video that been on for three months and nearly half of the views of an AMV of 9 months. Thanks to everyone who viewed! --- Dec 15: Over 10,000 views and about 260 faves. That averages to 360 views and 9 faves a day. Thanks to everyone who viewed! You've made me happy. :D --- Jan 31st: 25,000+ views. Whoot! At this very second, 25,231 views and 526 faves. Averaging out to 341 views and 7 faves a day. If I do the math, with total views, it means my MV has been playing for ninty days straight! YAY! ...Yes, I know I'm weird. - 4/21/08 Today's my birthday. ^_^ Anyways, big 50,000! Well 50,008 views. 354 ratings, 972 favorites, and 366 comments. Averaging to 323 views, 2 ratings, 6 favorites, & 2 comments a day. Yay! - 7/26/2008 *~100,000~*! 100,210 views, 643 ratings, 1690 favorites, and 676 comments. 401 views, 3 ratings, 3 comments, and 7 favorites a day! YAY! ~_~