Clint Eastword - JOE KIDD (1972)

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Joe Kidd is a 1972 western film starring Clint Eastwood and Robert Duvall, written by Elmore Leonard and directed by John Sturges.

The film is about an ex-bounty hunter hired by a wealthy landowner named Frank Harlan to track down Mexican revolutionary leader Luis Chama, who is fighting for land reform. It forms part of the Revisionist Western genre.


Clint Eastwood stars as Joe Kidd, a former bounty hunter who is in jail for hunting on Indian land and disturbing the peace in the New Mexican town of Sinola. Mexican bandito/revolutionary Luis Chama (John Saxon) has organized a peasant revolt against the local landowners, who are throwing the poor off land that rightfully belongs to them.

When a posse — financed by wealthy landowner Frank Harlan (Robert Duvall) — is formed to capture Chama, Kidd is invited to join but prefers to remain neutral. Harlan persists and Kidd finally relents when he learns that Chama's band has raided his own ranch and attacked one of the workers.

The posse rides into a village and forces the villagers into the church at gunpoint. They threaten to kill five Mexican hostages unless Chama surrenders. Harlan throws Kidd into the church to prevent him from helping Helen and the Mexicans.

Kidd manages a daring escape and saves the hostages, determined to find Chama himself and see that justice is done. But when he does capture Chama and delivers him to Sheriff Mitchell (Gregory Walcott) Harlan is already waiting for them in town.

To get to the jailhouse, Kidd drives a steam engine through the town saloon. A gunfight then ensues between Kidd and Harlan's men. Eventually Kidd manages to kill Harlan in the court house. Chama then surrenders to Mitchell but not before Kidd knocks the sheriff down for not standing up to Harlan and his murderous plan. Kidd then collects his things and leaves town with Helen


Clint Eastwood as Joe Kidd
Robert Duvall as Frank Harlan
John Saxon as Luis Chama
Don Stroud as Lamarr Simms
Stella Garcia as Helen Sanchez
James Wainwright as Olin Mingo
Paul Koslo as Roy Gannon
Gregory Walcott as Sinola County Sheriff Bob Mitchell

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