Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, LaCroix's Ending.

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Vampire: Bloodlines has five possible endings (though a couple of them have variations hinging on whether you or LaCroix is the one who opens the Ankaran Sarcophagus).

*SPOILERS* (in case this isn't obvious)

This is the Prince LaCroix ending, where for whatever reason you find it in yourself to forgive or overlook Sebastian LaCroix's treacherous act of framing you for the apparent death of Nines Rodriguez and calling the Blood Hunt against you. He calls off the Blood Hunt after you return to him and declare your innocence, pledging your support for him and choosing to remain at his side against all his enemies--the Anarchs, the Kuei-Jin, even the Camarilla--regardless of the risks of siding with a leader who is so roundly despised among the Kindred.

And yes, there are indeed risks....

Other videos on YouTube may claim to be the LaCroix ending, but rest assured that this LaCroix ending is the real McCoy, with a shared allegiance--and a shared fate--between Prince LaCroix and your blood-drinking alter ego. Enjoy!

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