Hair Cut!

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well, it has been done. despite the numerous reactions to my twitter (announcing that I was going to cut m...
well, it has been done. despite the numerous reactions to my twitter (announcing that I was going to cut my hair) being mostly, "NOOOO, don't do it!!!!!" from the guys, and "it's gonna look adorable" from the girls, well.....i did it! it was time. i've had long hair for a while, and my locks grow back fast, so i'm not too worried. i discovered that i would chop off enough hair to actually donate and people could use something out of it. so i decided to give it to Locks Of Love, which is a non-profit that makes hair pieces for financially disadvantaged kids. Who wouldn't want to give to that?? So, knowing that my hair of many, many years was going to a really good cause made me feel even more excited about the cut. But i have to say, as i packed my hair away in a baggie and an addressed envelope, I felt sort of sad to say goodbye. But also really thankful. Anyway, you can watch the video here: ******* I hope hair that's been cut off doesn't gross you out. It definitely gives me a little bit of the heebies--and it's my own hair! It almost looks like a body part. It looks so dead when it's not connected to your head, and when it's in a big mass like that. i'm still getting used to the new 'do. it's SO different. i'm this girl now. the girl with short hair. i do find myself staring at photos of women with beautiful long hair and wonder if i made a mistake, or ponder how long it's gonna take for me to grow it all back again. But then, I really like the change. The fact that I just jumped in and did it, and can look back and say, "oh yea....remember when I was 25 and i chopped off all my hair? what the F was i thinking?" I feel like my new hair and I are still settling in together. I'm excited to see where it goes. And sorry to talk to so much about my hair--but it's a BIG DEAL!!! my poor fiance has heard me talk about it for the past week now. "should i get it cut?", "should i just keep my long hair?", "i can't believe i'm cutting my hair!", to "do you really like my hair cut?". His answers are: "yes", "no", "shit man", and "for the 89th time, yes." p. ahn