US Media: Chinese Communist Party Members' Two Lives

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Follow us on TWITTER: Like us on FACEBOOK: In today's China, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials are completely corrupt, and the issue is getting more serious. U.S. media reports recently suggest when CCP members are involved in crime, they are mostly "punished within the party." This is instead of being punished according to the law. CCP membership has become protection to corrupt officials. They are able to avoid punishment or get light punishment even after their crimes were exposed. Scholars point out that the CCP is above the law. CCP members have many special benefits, which is the direct cause of the darkness in the legal system. The Wall Street Journal quoted research conducted by legal scholar Sapio Flora at Chinese University of Hong Kong. In 2009, the CCP Central Discipline Inspection Commission received over 1.3 million reported cases of corruption. Only 140,000 of these were investigated and only officials involved in 100,000 of those cases were "punished within the party." Only a very small number of cases were transferred to the judiciary system. The report points out that China has two parallel systems of punishment. One is for CCP members and the other one for ordinary people. When a CCP member is involved in crimes, the CCP internal disciplinary departments will conduct an investigation. Ye Ke, expert in Public Policy at the University of Southern California commented. Dr. Ye Ke of USC: "All systems are under the CCP's control. It is more powerful than the Public Security Bureau. The CCP investigations can lead to punishment or serious punishment. All are decided by the CCP, but this is not based on the law." Ye Ke mentioned that because of this system, whether the official holds onto CCP membership is a sign of punishment. Dr.Ye Ke: "Generally speaking, CCP membership will be revoked for those who committed serious crimes. If one commits serious crimes, the CCP would dismiss him. If the person stays within the CCP, it means he can turn over in the future." TheWall Street Journal indicates that CCP officials have two lives. For crimes that require death penalty, ordinary people will lose their lives. However, CCP members can pay with their CCP membership. Liu Jinbao, former President ofBank of China was dismissed from his position and his party membership was revoked for serious corruption. Since this case involved CCP leader Jiang Zemin, he was able to avoid the death penalty, which was deferred. Chen Tonghai Sinopec Chairman of the Board also escaped the death penalty. This was after corruption charges involving over 200 million Yuan. In contrast, Chinese people are suppressed for defending their rights. China's legal system has become the CCP's tool. Blind human rights activist Chen Guangcheng was sent to prison and illegally detained by local authorities. Chen Yongmiao, a Beijing scholar on the Constitution commented: "Many innocent people can be arrested just because the CCP leaders hate them. Then they are illegally sentenced. As a CCP tool, the legal system is interpreted and used at will. It damages the consistency of legal punishment." When interviewed, Chen Yongmiao also talked about the unique "Double Discipline" system within the CCP. Chen Yongmiao: "From a legal perspective, when one joins the CCP, he vows to give up all his rights as a human being. He hands over everything to the party. So I think CCP members are no longer humans. Therefore, violation of their rights is not violation of human rights. Chen Yongmiao emphasized that the CCP is like an underground society. Without vowing existing, the CCP would not be able to create such a deformed system. 《神韵》2011世界巡演新亮点
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