Left 4 Dead 2 Hunter - Visceral L4D2 (The New Revelation)

By: DxVisceral


Uploaded on February 05, 2010 by DxVisceral Powered by YouTube

This is my first official Hunter video compilation for Left 4 Dead 2. I have compiled some of my favorite pounces in the past 2 months and have put them here in this video. I want to give a many great thanks for all the help I was given in production of this video.

Many thanks to Mayhem from BusT n CapS community; Kiss Me of Team Infinite#, team HAUSEN for many of the team scrims, Miscreant K for the finale footage, Evo, Purified and all my other friends who contributed in some of the clips.

Keep on the lookout for future video compilations as I may be working on something new in the future months. As always, leave any ideas or criticisms in the video comments or if you have questions, send me a PM. Enjoy!

Song Artist: God Module

Song Title: Foreseen

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