Reviving the Fire 2012 "Divine Alignment" Conference

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Join Drs. Darrell and Belinda Scott for Reviving the Fire 2012 "Divine Alignment" Conference, June 18th-July 1st! Located at the New Spirit Revival Center, 3130 Mayfield Road, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118. Special guest include: Pastor Paula White, Bishop Noel Jones, Prophetess Janet Floyd, Bishop Clarence McClendon, Prophet Brian Carn, Dr. T.L. Penny and Bishop Gary Oliver. YOUTH REVIVED!!!! with Canton Jones, Saturday, June 30th. There will also be a special "Women's Refreshing Weekend" with Dr. Belinda C. Scott of the "Throne Room." For more information call 216.397.0987 or log on to, This is the season for everything to LINE UP!!!!
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