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Babys butt is powered and he farts a cloudThen it went on to list a bunch of celebrities that moved on from the jobs that they are good at, to making albums that sound worse than a remix of baby farts and breaking glass. We have Bruce Willis forming the band called The Return ...Imagine the sound of ten babys crying in harmony as several pairs of acrylic fingernails screech down an old chalkboard, and right when all that finally stops, your girlfriend farts. Thats exactly what it sounded like. ... Go on ESPN or youtube and check out what he does immediately after he touches homeplate. His son, who is waiting at home plate, wraps his arms around his dad to give him a hug, an embrace that we peasants couldnt dream of ...WHAT DO U THINK OFF THE TITLE ^^ hatha the indian dude ily ib gi63a thalath-ta3aash!! wallah 7asaaafa they cancled the show i used to like it!! LOOOL WALLAH ABLAA 3A6YAAAT!! p you can always youtube it!! when the illness of BOREDOM attacks .... fart baby fart =p. 21 March 2009 02:07 3aliya said... libero anima. HAHA!!P lool why do i have a feeling that i know this from somewhere?!p. 21 March 2009 05:31 CrazyCatQ8 said... aham shay the last sentence LOOOOL ...AVP wastes no time whatsoever in stacking the body count highly in it#39s favor, farting out a paper thin plot of a crashed Predator ship that happened to be experimenting on aliens and face huggers, creating an alien/predator ... Predator- Alien hybrid rages in an all new way, reproducing not through goopy eggs and facehuggers but via vomiting eggs down pregnant women#39s throats so that the baby aliens can eat her infant in the womb and then skuttle out of her swollen belly. ...Off the bat, I will state that I prefer Chet Baker#39s version of this song (couldn#39t find it on youtube) His heavy use of the trumpet adds a distinct moodiness to it, like walking down a dark alley, tears hitting the cement, with only empty boxes and rats ... You know how when you#39re a kid, and there#39s tension in a classroom, someone would usually make a fart noise to get rid of that tension? This song makes me want to make fart noises all over the place. I love the song, ...Actually, if you enunciate it even more, it sounds more like my cousin#39s fart. So Jessica Alba is as ridiculous as pumpkin pie. As if threatened by the Devil, she decided to name her baby quotHonor.quot And we#39re talking about an actress .... I spent 3500 buying cds haha but in my case price is out of the question since i was already expecting to buy a cd for more or less a thousand pesos each (and i#39m kinda desperate as well i#39m tired of listening to songs on youtube and the ...This fad got me thinking, our generation is defined and recorded through YouTube and social netwroking sites like Facebook and Myspace. With the cheapness of the humour we seem to grasp for, will we take a term from the past and modify it in the most obvious ... This type of humour is typically thought of as brittish humour like The Office (the original UK version) or Faulty Towers and has become lost in the North American world to be replaced by fart jokes and slapstick. ...Album I willingly parted with £40 to get, even though I could, and did, get it for free: When someone writes that Thom Yorke, the lead singer of Radiohead, could fart in a paper bag and certain fans would buy it, it#39s conceivable that they ... Funniest reference to sex - album title: Jagged Edge#39s Baby Making Project. Best film that was also a soundtrack: Critics loved it, everyone I told to go see it adored it. Once was one of those rare films that was better the second ...Thus, theres multiple videos from the tour on YouTube and even Popss one Jazz Icons DVD is from a 1959 show in Antwerp. He also 83ACD979 1E92CBCF managed to make some film appearances, three of which are on YouTube. And when it comes back to live recordings....stand back. ..... Its a rare moment of discord in an All Stars show and as my friend, Boston trumpeter Phil Person once put it to me, it sounds like Pops had a simple brain fart. It guess it happens to everyone, even Pops! ...Television Tropes Idioms - Recent Changes - - References[ More results from Television Tropes Idioms - Recent Changes ]Comedian Damon Wayans has posted an extremely crude, offensive skit on YouTube in which he portrays Abortion Man. LifeNews reports that some pro-lifers want the video yanked (a tactic Im not a fan of), while others see its worth as satire with an anti-abortion ...... Indeed, the woman doesnt even show yet, but when stomped on we see a whole baby go flying. Thus, the makers of the skit are saying that the woman is carrying a crying baby no matter what stage shes at . ...All he talks about are burps amp farts. He and a neighbor boy were outside playing ball last night when I heard neighbor boy ask quotDid you fart?quot and my...

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