Europe's Got Talent - 10 Year Old Girl Amazing Voice

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Zara Larsson
10 years old


Judge#3: You are a cocky little dame I can tell.
Judge#3: How old are you then?
Zara: Ten.
Judge#3: And you are suppose to do what?
Zara: Sing.
Judge#3: Go for it.
Zara: Thanks.

*singing* Greatest Love Of All

Judge#3: Yeah... you are a cocky little girl you.
Judge#3: You have performed for a long time I guess.
Zara: Yeah... Since I started to speak.
Judge#3: Yes, I can tell that.
Judge#3: I think that you can become something big someday. You know what telephonenumber I have right? -record company-
Zara: *laughs*
Judge#3: I will definitely vote on you in this show.
Zara: Thanks!
Judge#2: This is incredible just fantastic, I am almost speechless.
Judge#2: The only if I am going to be critical in some way this song is very shouty, so don't be afraid to take it down a level because you are so very cute and I am sure you could manage to sing any song you would like.
Judge#2: And now as a last comment I would like to ask for your autograph?
Zara: Thanks!
Judge#1: It must be physical impossible to have so much voice in such a small body as yours.
Zara: Thanks.
Judge#1: Fantastic... It would be so easy to send you on in this compentition because you are so very cute, but you are so awesome on what you do!
Zara: Thanks!
Judge#1: This is talent!
Zara: Thank you so very much!

*Zara in the lobby*

Zara: I am all warm and happy!
Zara: It's so fun, I am so very happy, I can't describe this.

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