Scared US Marines Crying

By: Jubathe2nd


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This is what will happen if you don't finish your highschool kids. You'll be sent as cannon fodder to die for the big corps.


People should know that US foreign policy is based on how to best protect and increase American interest around the world. In order for it to do so, they use the patriot/ free/ protect America from terrorists/ maintaining freedom card . It is nothing more than using Euphemisms for waging war. You often hear these people talk about paying the price for their so-called 'protection'. Tell that to all the innocent people who died because of this.

Americans need to start living in the real world. We all know that American citizens are by average, the most dumbed down people of the world. They should start using a more critical view of what their country is doing to other countries and stop this fantasie: "they are jealous of our freedom" bull.

Atleast with Obama things will change for the better and Americans will wise up... I hope.

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