Bloopers & Behind the Scenes - Battlefield 3 EPIC 64 Man Base Jump

By: TheHazardCinema


Uploaded on February 04, 2012 by TheHazardCinema Powered by YouTube

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Music: Shockwave Sound - Doomed Agony

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Hey guys, a lot of you will have seen the 64 Man Base Jump video we released on New Years Eve; but just how difficult was it to make? Well for starters we thought it would be a fantastic idea *sarcasm detected* to film it on Christmas Eve, at 2am my time! I personally didn't get to sleep till 4:30am on Christmas Eve! You may here my antics at points in this video as 'Tom' and sometimes you can even hear my brother who was kind and patience enough to stay up with me through this. Yes, that was me when I accidentally through the grenade and we all scattered. Enjoy the video guys and hope you laugh at least once! A like/favourite and some feedback is always appreciated, especially considering how much effort actually went into this!

Quote from the editor,
"Here is the 64 man base jump behind the scenes video. Once again I'm sorry if this has posted late..a lot longer than people had anticipated..but I have honestly been busy. But don't worry, I have a lot of epic videos that I'm working on at the moment, actually too many videos..that's why none are getting done so fast :P
It took me a while to finish this video so please a thumbs up would be much appreciated!"


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