Drumline Battle Routine - 2007

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Carbon High School's 2007 Drumline Battle Routine. This was recorded a week before our battle, so the formations and some stickings were still being fine tuned.


The CHS Drumline is an entirely volunteer organization. We have no percussion class - we have no percussion teacher. I (stormin20) graduated in 2006 and was captain of the 2006 drumline, but still helped the line this year writing their music and conducting morning practices. Of the 12 members on the line, only 5 are drummers in band. A list of the members is below with their sections.

Carbon High School Drumline (2007):

1) Greg D. - Percussion
2) Cal S. - Percussion
3) Mark T. - Percussion
4) Tim C. - French Horn

1) Dustin C. - Percussion
2) Carl B. - Percussion

1) Preston G. - Not in Band
2) Jordan P. - Not in Band
3) Derrick L. - Not in Band
4) Kelton W. - Trombone

1) Farrah N. - Piccolo
2) Brian H. - Not in Band

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