Classic Game Room HD - FC TWIN Review: NES & SNES

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Classic Game Room HD hardware review, the Yobo Gameware FC TWIN which plays NES and SNES video game cartridges. Do you have constant problems fixing your Nintendo Entertainment System and 72 pin connector? If so then you can save a few bucks and get a brand new FC twin that plays both old school NES games and Super Nintendo games on one game console. The FC Twin has an 8-bit and 16-bit selector switch, fits both game cartridges and has standard AV output connectors allowing easy hookup to modern HDTVs. Play classics like Super Mario Bros. on NES or Super Mario Kart on SNES on a new game console with imitation SNES controllers (you can also use standard SNES controllers) Rather than fighting an uphill battle with overpriced, broken down toaster NES consoles you may want to consider this alternative to play your Nintendo game library.

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