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If there was ever a video that was gonna put a price on my head, I guess this is it. Please understand that what I say is not to bring you down, it's to make you realise that you're already being brought down, to help the elite of the world to get away with it. Christians have killed more people on this planet than any other religion, yet the whole thing is based on the teachings of a man who directly opposed the way it behaves. We are fed oxymorons until our brain can't even be arsed to try and cope any more. But until we see through the facade and realise that the Emperor is actually naked, and there's a little bald dude behind the green curtain operating levers and pulleys, we can't hope of change of any real kind. Why is our world so beneficial to the bankers??? How come the Rockerfellers, the Rothschilds etc drip with luxury, and the 'poor' people give up their little share to help charities that have never solved problems that are easy to achieve?? We have been duped, and until we stand up and say something about it nothing will happen. I really am so truly sorry to Americans. I desperately need you to see what they have done to you, because you ARE the ones with all the guns, and you posess more power as a people than any other. That's why they've gone to such great lengths to convince you that you can't do anything without them. Please, let's not leave the world like this for our children. It has to change sometime... let's make that time now yeah??? Love to All Kerry-Ann xXx
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