Sudanese Folk غناء شعبي / رمية مأساتي

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Sudanese Folk | رمية مأساتي
Sudan Musics
Sudan has a rich and unique musical culture that has been through chronic instability and repression during the modern history of Sudan. Sudanese most prominent poet, like Mahjoub Sharif, and artist, like Mohammed el Amin, and Mohammed Wardi. find more a bout Sudanese music, Sudan is very diverse, with 4 hundred plus ethnic groups spread across the country's territory, which is the largest in Africa. The country has been a crossroads between North, East and West Africa for hundreds of years, and is inhabited by a mixture of Sub-Saharan Arabs and Africans.
Sudanese has a tradition of lyrical music that utilizes oblique metaphors, and has historically been used as part of the Sudanese independence movement and in other political movements.
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