Laser Sailing Advanced Laser Boat Handling DVD Trailer

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Advanced Laser Boat Handling DVD Trailer
Produced by Laser Training Center.
We have learned a lot working with hundreds of Laser sailors, including 17 who participated in the last Olympic games. In our DVD, Advanced Laser Boat Handling we attempt to answer all the questions sailors of all levels usually ask us during our coaching clinics. Tacks, Jybes, Windward mark rounding, Leeward mark rounding, and Penalty turns , are shown in slow motion, from different angles including close ups from on board cameras .
With over 50 minutes of detailed explanation, each maneuver is sliced to easy to follow segments. This DVD is the perfect instructional tool for any Laser sailor who wants to get faster to the next buoy.
Written and directed by the Laser Training Center head coach, Javier Rulo Borojovich.


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