Nail Art Simple and Elegant, Video Tutorial White Flower on Blue French Manicure

By: Chic Pretty Nails


Uploaded on July 17, 2012 by Chic Pretty Nails Powered by YouTube

Website: Do not forget if you like it to share this video on facebook ,twitter,let people know that painted nails are cool:) The most frequent questions for me on youtube hello all I hope You guys are ok I do not think I will upload videos for a few weeks I will go on vacation and I do not think I will connect to youtube I will not be able to answer your questions but when I came back I will try to recover the time lost but I will continue to do my nails and to record tutorials if you want to see pictures of future tutorials you can visit my page faceboock where I will post pictures in anticipation:D Thanks for your understanding and we will meet again as soon as possible.kisses ................ This design is done when I did not have much time to do something more complex so that the flower is placed only on ring finger I'm not trying to excuse or something like that but before you comment with accusations I think I should say this and you should know it My white flower on a dark color background is similar to what uploaded last Friday love4nails I already talked to her and she agree to not give credit for thsi design idea I usually do designs with a week or two before upload them on youtube to have time edit them so this time has coincided with what Raquel did(her flowers remain much more beautiful than mine) I still think that is something cool that we had almost the same idea in almost the same time but I do not want to receive complaints (I speak only for a white flower on a dark color background) She understand me so I would like you to understand me anyway I never would have hesitate a second to netionez someone from that I was inspired with all that said I wish you a wonderful day possible the brush for the details is bought from a DIY store in the city: 2/0 Raphael 8424 Martre a product for natural nails that I adore Herome extra strong nail hardener review (nails more stronger) MUSIC CREDITS GO to Tristan Tyrcha song Perfect Beauty
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