F4U Corsair 800mm from Hobbyking Rc Airplane

By: real gambler


Uploaded on August 02, 2012 by real gambler Powered by YouTube

This is a video of my remote controlled F4U Corsair from Hobbyking. This airplane comes with an optional rudder. Trust me, invest in a $3 servo, and make it work (all the other hardware is included, rod, horns, etc). Without rudder, take-off and landings are very hard. But once in flight, this thing is a beauty and fly very well. Being made of EPO, it's also very crash resistant (As you see it, this airplanes crashed badly at least 6 times and still flying with a bit of glue and TLC). Paint is flaking very easily though. Flying with 1000mah NanoTech 2S battery, and with stock setup which provide PLENTY of power. Wingspan: 800mm Actual cost: $54 + $3( rudder servo) + $24 shipping. (plus your own batteries, and Rx). Really not bad for a $80 airplane, delivered at your door!
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