Good Bye My Love (Indonesian Version by Teresa Teng)

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Earlier upload was not Teresa Teng's original version and therefore is replaced with this upload. This music is from the CD cover Kenangan (which is Memories) versi Indonesia (Indonesian version) "Good Bye My Love" "Selamat Jalan Kekasih".
This upload is inspired by the uploads of hkship who is one of the most ardent fan of Teresa Teng along with masami43, stunningnuts, blythett, iLuvCiconne16085868, cat001001, teresa2910 and others who shared their Teresa Teng's videos with TT's fans the world over through their many uploads. Interestingly, a great fan of Teresa Teng i.e. Sabrina yuquanchen upload some music she produced which is virtually passable as Teresa Teng's except that TT's greatness is peerless as an accomplished singer who sings in various Chinese dialects, Mandarin, Japanese, English, Indonesian etc. . Besides singing, Teresa Teng also acted in a number of movies when she was young. Often, her sadness is very much felt by those listening through her sad songs. While Teresa Teng's passing caused deep sorrow in and griefed many fans the world over, her musical legacy lives on and will without doubt live eternally for as long as there are music lovers.

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