Home Built Motorized Bicycle [18+]

By: dickandchristina


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Leave me a comment if you want more information. This was a Huffy 26" girls bike and I added a 4 stroke Tecumseh 49cc, 3 hp engine to it. The frame has been stretched 28" and lowered. It has full electrical features, headlight, high beam, turn signals, post lighting, horn, brake light plus centrifugal clutch, gearshift style drive engagement, storage, purple cruiser lights, foot rests, springer front fork and chrome fenders. It has a 12 volt holding relay for the kill switch and a 12 volt flasher for the turn signals all feeding from its on-board 12 volt motorcycle battery. Top speed on the flat according to its Stewart Warner speedometer is about 40 mph plus it is a great hill climber. The bike weighs around 100 pounds and can handle a rider of up to 300 pounds. See lots of construction details in my other video. Thanks.

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