How to Put CFW On Psp (Phat)

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UPDATE: the PSP PHAT pandora batter y and magic memory stick work on the slim. For example if you have a Ps...
UPDATE: the PSP PHAT pandora batter y and magic memory stick work on the slim. For example if you have a Psp PHAT and have the pandora batter y and magic memory stick you can use that on the slim to make it have the CFW.(P.S the battery will fit the slim just dont try to put the battery all the way in just get the tip in were the power goes into the psp.) THIS MIGHT WORK ON SLIM I DONT KNOW TRY IT AND TELL ME OF IT DID READ DESCRIPTION BEFORE VIEWING HELPS A LOT. --------------------------------------- OK first you wanna download the files from here: *******rapidshare****/files/135860799/Pandora_MMs_Files.rar.html --------------------------------------- MMS Summary: Then connect your psp into the computer using USB Mode make sure the memory card that you want to make into the MMS is inside the PSP Know Extract the files to your desktop open up the folder then you will see 3 files. Copy the folder named Pandora.then paste it to your C Drive. Then go to The CMD By Going To run Then Type CMD. when on CMD type in "CD.." Two times Hit ENTER. no quotes on anything.then type in "CD Pandora" Hit ENTER.The type in "CD mspformat" Hit ENTER.Then Type in "mspformat (and your psp drive letter here.)".The mspformat is a special format that formats your psp like no other format.also the mspformat might not work on windows vista. it did NOT work on my Vista But it DID work on my XP. Ok after you type that in Hit Enter It should say are you want to format Hit Y And ENTER to format it should say format successful or something like that if it says write error it didn't work This Might happen If your Running Vista. In my Video it said that format wasn't necessary Because i already did this. After you Format the psp Drive go back to the folder with the 3 files and go to Pandoras Files premade Folder and copy all the files in the folder and paste them to the PSP drive(the drive should be Empty). after your done pasting the files to the PSP drive got back to the folder with the 3 files and go to the Pandora's GUI 1.5 folder and install the Pandora's GUI 1.5 after you install it Click on the short cut for GUI that should of installed into your Desktop (you might have to run as administrator) for it to work when you run the GUI 1.5 Program Choose the Drive Letter of your PSP. Then ONLY click on Write IPL It Should Say Write Complete And Then Very IMPORTANT First Take out your memory stick THEN Disconnect From USB MODE. And Know your Done With The MMS. --------------------------------------- Pandora's Battery Summary: For the battery Video Explains it well Just some reminders don't go to deep into the battery , Cut into the little thin openings on the side of the battery , make sure the battery is discharged (DEAD), ONLY cut off the wire thing under the 4 in ico4. --------------------------------------- Installing CFW: Insert the MMS In first THEN put in the Pandoras Battery It should come up By its self Press X to install CFW 3.71m33-2 Let it install when its done its says Installation Complete and to press X to Turn off psp. And Your DONE!!! --------------------------------------- Thanks for watching please rate and comment Ill try My Best to answer any Questions. And Sorry For The bad Quality