Alan Wake's American Nightmare | Part 4 - Portal References

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Portal 2 reference :) I really loved the original Alan Wake game, and I ADORE Remedy for releasing it with no DRM. This game is shaping out to be really good :) //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Alan Wake's friend and manager, Barry, is asleep in a motel room. The narration explains that Alan is attempting to chase down the "herald of darkness", Mr. Scratch, who is Alan's evil doppleganger created by a dark force. Scratch is determined to take away everything Alan loves, including his wife, Alice. Alan, as the "champion of light," has the ability to rewrite reality, and was able to write his escape from Cauldron Lake in Washington. He ends up near the small town of Night Springs, Arizona, and learns that he has been missing from the real world for nearly two years. Tags: "Alan Wake (Video Game)" "Alan Wake" "Alan Wake's American Nightmare" Alan Wake Nightmare America American Horror scary Shadow zombie torch flashlight flash taken "Mr. Scratch" Scratch "herald of darkness" darkness doppleganger "dark force" "rewrite reality" Cauldron Lake "Cauldron Lake" Washington Night Springs "Night Springs" Arizona Remedy entertainment gameplay gaming video "part 2" hd official game 2012 giant spider "giant spider" Games
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