"Mad World" - Serial Experiments Lain AMV

By: HotaruMimiuchi


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Made by: MangaPunkSai
Anime: Serial Experiments Lain
Music: Openning music is "Insanity World - Cyberia Mix"
"Mad World" by Gary Jules

**this was not made by me, I just love this video**

Seriel Experiments Lain is about a jr. high school girl, Lain. Her friends convince her to start using the Wired (the internet) more after one of their classmates commites suicide and sends them all emails days after.
Lain then becomes a major hacker on The Wired and she's known as a God. Lain discovers that a part of herself was born from the Wired it'sself and because The Wired is hooked to the real world, Lain has the power to change the world as she wishes.
It's a very complex anime and it takes watching it a few times to really understand it.
I highly recommend watching it.

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