Fireflies - Owl City (acapella Cover)

By: daiyel


Uploaded on November 05, 2009 by daiyel Powered by YouTube

This song is so cool! I really like it because it's creative and different, but still has a "feel good" mood about it. The more I listened to it the more I felt it was perfect for an acapella. There's so much going on in the arrangement...keys, synths, guitar, strings...and the bass line was syncopated I had a lot to work with. I'll admit this acapella cover was more challenging than some previous arrangements, but I had fun doing it.

Hope you guys like this one!


PS. For those who notice, the audio in this one didn't align exactly...Something about the frame rate. I tried to fix it, but ran outta time =(

PSS. I really really really regret doing the air guitar...LOL

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