Hatsune Miku Triple Baka English Subbed

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UPDATE: Annotations have been added, but contrary to popular belief it is NOT to be a subscribe-to-me whore...
UPDATE: Annotations have been added, but contrary to popular belief it is NOT to be a subscribe-to-me whore. I simply wanted people to know that I'm currently translating a few new PVs. All those smartasses that think they know otherwise can go and sub a video themselves, okay? I put effort into this video and it was totally voluntary, so I demand respect (at the very least) for translating this. ________________________________________________ READ THIS IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT VOCALOID IS. Vocaloid: The Character Vocal Series (VOCALOID) is a computer music program that synthesizes singing in Japanese. Developed by Crypton Future Media, it utilizes Yamaha's Vocaloid2 technology with specially recorded vocals of voice actors. To create a song, the user must input the melody and lyrics. A piano roll type interface is used to input the melody and the lyrics can be entered on each note. The software can change the stress of the pronunciations, add effects such as vibrato, or change the dynamics and tone of the voice. -Wikipedia UPDATE:IF YOU WANT THE SONG, HERE'S THE DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=b635974bc50ecf9aa0f2f20c509059d9e04e75f6e8ebb871 Sorry to all the peeps that sent me their e-meils. I just got so many requests that I decided to put it up here for your convenience UPDATE:March 6 2009 OMFG HONORS!!! #61 - Top Favorited (This Month) - Film & Animation - Japan Holy Krad!!! Thanks, guys :3 ------------------------------------------ this really improved my Japanese skills. So, there I was, my internet was dead, and boredom struck. (This was a few weeks ago) and I decided to do some Japanese-improving excercises, and since i had the video to Triple Baka, I decided to try and sub it accurately. Voila! The fruits of my labor... :3 Onto ze Video!!! ~I send Music, so just ask if you want a copy~! Check out this link; http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?gl=CA&hl=en&add_user=mewhikaru