Super Mario Bros. - Solo Tuba

By: tubadylan


Uploaded on January 31, 2007 by tubadylan Powered by YouTube

By request, here is the Super Mario theme played on the tuba. Please don't give me grief for the few botched notes, along with a botched hair-do, as I was sight-reading and transposing from treble clef from a crummy arrangement I found online for free. I hope you kids enjoy it. I believe that this music was written by Koji Kondo. Have a nice day.

Many have asked if I have the sheet music, and I DO NOT have it. I found it using google though, and it was a piano part. I'm sure if you do a search like I did you will run into it eventually. Thanks.

Performed at the castle in Sherman Oaks using a Yamaha YFB-621 F tuba.

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