Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Glitches Part 10

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Heres part 10 of GTA SA glitches.Part 11 is coming soon Here are the other parts: Part 1: *******de.youtub...
Heres part 10 of GTA SA glitches.Part 11 is coming soon Here are the other parts: Part 1: ***********/watch?v=EaKbfRXzQS4 Part 2: ***********/watch?v=aibswfFq1ds Part 3: ***********/watch?v=BKrReYSo3ME Part 4: ***********/watch?v=SSm8-h-INQE Part 5: ***********/watch?v=lH0FFhwto88 Part 6: ***********/watch?v=K1GhfKqdQnQ Part 7: ***********/watch?v=lfvEDDZm5RY Part 8: ***********/watch?v=qAD5d-kDlbo Part 9: ***********/watch?v=pLckBRTX2YI Part 11: ***********/watch?v=NGW6EZPI0OI Part 12: ***********/watch?v=PpEYGUI7zsA Part 13: ***********/watch?v=lCv5j4c75tw # 1 All Interriors unlocked Cheats: Jetpack Required: / Description: You know.When you start a new game you cat get into all interriors for the first time.But when you activate the Jetpack cheat while the first cutscene you can unlock all interriors. Works on: PS2 [Yes] XBox [??] PC [Yes] # 2 Cheats: Jetpack cheat (Crazytrainer) Required: Crazytrainer Description: Startthe mission 'A home in the hills'.After the first cutscene where the 4 guys and CJ jumping, open the parachute and activate the Jetpack cheat on the Trainer.Fly to the roof.When you arrived you will see four Los Santos Vagos´.You can kill two and two not.The other two you cant kill can be killed after the triads land on the roof Works on: PS2 [No] XBox [No] PC [Yes] # 3 No basketball anymore Cheats: / Required: Madd Dogs Mansion Description: Well, neraly everyone knows this glitch.You want to play Basketball but the ball isnt there.This happends when you save a Madd Dogs mansion.You can see in the video how iI am playing before saving there and after saving and loading again the game.The ball will disappear Advice: I used the Trainer to be faster at the save icon Works on: PS2 [Yes] XBox [Yes] PC [Yes] # 4 Cheats: / Required: Remote explosives Description: Set some remote explosives at Clukin Bell,Burger Shot or Well Stacked Pizza.The go out and in again and use the Remote detonator.You will see that the peds first stad up and will die in a row Works on: PS2 [Yes] XBox [??] PC [Yes] # 5 Spawn basketballs Cheats: / Required: Explosives or Rocket Launcher Description: Start the mission 'Nines and AK´s'.When Big Smoke enter his car throw a grenade or shoot with a rocket launcher.The text 'Mission Failed' will appear and there will be two balls beside Sweet´s house.You can spwan as much as you want Works on: PS2 [Yes] XBox [??] PC [Yes] # 6 Camera glitch Cheats: / Required: Camera Description: Take a homie and drive to any place where a camera is.Ask you homie to take a picture of you and take the other camera.Know you will play on camera mode Works on: PS2 [Yes] XBox [??] PC [Yes] # 7 Cheats: / Required: / Description: I dont know how it happened but I wasnt able to shoot.Although I was in Los Santos the radar tells me that I am in Las Venturas. Works on: PS2 [??] XBox [??] PC [Yes]