Natural Vaginal Childbirth Delivery Video at Home in Water

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*******yourbirthcoach**** Video of my second home birth. It was about 6 hours of labor from early beginnin...
*******yourbirthcoach**** Video of my second home birth. It was about 6 hours of labor from early beginnings to birth. This video starts when things start to feel "pushy." Up until this point I was silent during my contractions. You can watch my labor here ***********/watch?v=1dP1N6wB9kU The sounds women make in labor may make it seem as if it is painful, but I can assure you pain was not part of this birth experience. The sounds of pushing help when using all your effort, just like with intense exercise (tennis players hitting the ball). With this birth it really just felt like I needed to have a BM. I didn't want any noise around me or anyone talking. My birth team was great because they really just left me to do my work without disturbance. I did appreciate my midwife saying to go slow when I feel the burn. She said it at the exact right time and that definately helped make getting the head out so easy and gentle. It is one of the great things about midwifery care, they observe you so carefully that they know just where you are and what you need. Our son was born in our home in the presence of my husband, my daughter (2 1/2 at the time), my mom, 2 friends (mom and daughter), and 2 midwives. Please leave you questions and comments. *******yourbirthcoach****