Learn KICK ASS Chinese

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Published 18 Feb 2010
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My Clothing Line:

LEARN KICK ASS CHINESE. You will literally get an ass kicking from it if you talk this way to your relatives o_O

I just really wanted to make a quick video to wish everybody Happy Chinese New Year. It is an unplanned video but...yeah.... I thought Ill throw in a quick Chinese Lesson too. How to speak like a legit Honger (Hong Kong resident). Why? Because if you dont speak it the correct way, you will be looked down on (hehe joking of course). Its all about sounding angry while you point with your fingers man. Just having a bit of fun, please don't take it seriously =D Not ALL hk ppl talk like this, maybe jus triads lol...

If you listen to the funny chinese radio show (that teaches people chinese), you will find it funnier I guess :P Ps. I do not talk like this in real life! Alot of you think Im some hardcore MK girl apparently rofl.

Yes that is my real grandma! LOL. She is visiting me for Hong Kong and she has been brilliant. I can watch her ALL DAY LONG. Please give her some love. She is the coolest grandma in the World. And NO I did not actually grab her boob. That would be wrong.

Yes, I speak fluent Hakka and Cantonese. My mum and dad speak different types of chinese so I grew up adapting to both languages XD

I will make a proper video when I have the time to sit down and write a script tehehe...

Wishing you all a year of success, happiness and love. 

Much love,
Bubz xx
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