Downgrade 4.0.2 or 3.1.3 to Any Firmware- IPod Touch & IPhone

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Heey guys. Today's video will show you how to downgrade your iPhone and iPod Touch from 3.1.3 back to 3.1....
Heey guys. Today's video will show you how to downgrade your iPhone and iPod Touch from 3.1.3 back to 3.1.2. PLEASE READ: IF YOU HAVE THE IPHONE 3G S, THE IPOD TOUCH 2ND GEN MC-MODEL, OR IPOD TOUCH 3RD GEN, THEN YOU /MUST/ HAVE SAVED YOUR SHSH ECID FILE ON 3.1.2 IN CYDIA. THIS MEANS THAT YOU MUST HAVE BEEN JAILBROKEN ON 3.1.2 TO DO THIS IF YOU ARE USING ONE OF THE DEVICES MENTIONED ABOVE. IF YOU GET A MESSAGE IN ITUNES SAYING "Requested build is not eligible," IT IS BECAUSE OF THIS. PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT IF THIS HAPPENS TO YOU!!! This method works with ALL devices, although it is kind of useless for the iPod Touch 1st Gen, iPod Touch 2nd Gen Non-MC, iPhone 1st Gen, and iPhone 3G because they can be jailbroken on 3.1.3 with this video: ***********/watch?v=BktNCG_h58Q Site to get firmware files: ******* Written Guide ------------------ 1. Go to Start, Accessories, right-click on Notepad, and click 'Run as Administrator'. 2. Click File, Open. 3. In the address bar of the explorer, double-click and paste this over anything that is already there: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\ 4. To the right of the filename box, click on the drop-down ox where it should say 'Text Documents' and click on 'All Files'. 5. Double click on the file that is named 'host' that should have just appeared. 6. On the first blank line of the text document, paste this text in:**** 7. Click File, Save and close our of notepad. 8. Download the firmware file for your device from the site above the written guide. 9. Open itunes, and wait for your device to be recognized. 10. Click the shift button on your keyboard and click on 'Restore' in itunes at the same time. 11. Browse for the firmware file that you downloaded and double click on it. Your device should be downgrading now! Wait for your device to finish and boot up! Note: If your device does't boot up, and you are stuck on the recovery logo, use this video to get out: ***********/watch?v=RLkwKjylcsQ To jailbreak 3.1.2 Blackra1n: ***********/watch?v=vQnTJH6zKek Redsn0w: ***********/watch?v=vQnTJH6zKek Thanks for watching, and make sure to Subscribe! Also, make sure to check out my other cool iPod Touch and iPhone video!