*NEW* 6.31 PRO & 6.35 PRO HEN HACK PSP 1000, 2000, 3000 (SINGLE DOWNLOAD) ( Sukkuri)

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***ALL NEW: *******www.sneaky-media**** FREE PSP MOVIE DOWNLOADS! FREE PSP ISO DOWNLOADS!! DOWNLOAD AND VIEW DIRECTLY FROM YOUR PSP, NO CFW NEEDED!! You must register to see the downloads! SIGN UP NOW!*** ^^PC Friendly movie and music downloads too^^ **NEW! CHECK OUT MY BLOG! I RANT, YOU COMMENT!* *******swornleadejz.blog****/ Due to the age of this exploit, and the repetitive questions and comments, comments have been disabled. If you have a serious question about this, feel free to send me a message. Thanks for watching! **BIG NEWS!!! CONFIRMED PSP 3001 WITH OFW 6.31 DOWNGRADED TO 5.03 GEN B FULL (DID IT MYSELF :D ) FOR VIDEO TUTORIAL, CLICK BELOW:*** *******www.youtube****/watch?v=FIsx4-Ma7fI **IF YOU HAVE A PSP 1000 OR A NON-TA088v3 MOTHERBOARD 2000 WITH 6.31 or 6.35 AND WANT TO HACK IT FULLY WITHOUT BUYING A PANDORA BATTERY, CLICK THE LINK BELOW** *******www.youtube****/watch?v=jn1UrX8XFNw **NEW TUTORIAL I JUST UPLOADED, HOW TO COMPRESS YOUR .ISO FILES TO MAKE THEM SMALLER SO THEY TAKE UP LESS SPACE ON YOUR MEMORY STICK. CLICK BELOW TO WATCH!!** *******www.youtube****/watch?v=yt2ivG6UBdg IF YOU NEED HELP PATCHING AN ISO FOR YOUR FIRMWARE, CLICK BELOW: *******www.youtube****/watch?v=HqWrx4-h5-Y ***THIS IS NOT CUSTOM FIRMWARE. ALL THIS DOES IS ENABLE HOMEBREW AND ISOs ON PREVIOUSLY UNHACKABLE FIRMWARE VERSIONS. IF YOU TRY TO INSTALL CFW AFTER RUNNING THIS, AND BRICK YOUR PSP, I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE. CFW IS NOT YET POSSIBLE ON 6.31 OR 6.35. DONT BE STUPID AND MESS UP YOUR PSP. I TAKE NO CREDIT FOR THIS EXPLOIT, OR HBL, OR THE GAMESAVE, OR THE ISO LOADER, THEY WERE ALL MADE BY THEIR RESPECTIVE CREATORS*** This is a SINGLE DOWNLOAD. No complicated steps, QUICKLY HACK YOUR 6.35 or 6.31 PSP. This is a video tutorial, outlining how to enable HOMEBREW and ISO/CSO games on your PSP 1000, 2000, or 3000 running official firmware versions 6.31 and 6.35. YOU DO NOT NEED A PANDORA OR MAGIC MEMORY STICK FOR THIS METHOD. First step in this process is to select the firmware version you have, and download one of the two files below depending on your version: Downloads are linkbucks, but they point to SendSpace, RapidShare, and a private page i made and uploaded these files to to avoid deletion. For Firmware Version 6.31: *******90376fa8.linkbucks**** or *******13c5085a.linkbucks**** For Firmware Version 6.35: *******8a5b1b5a.linkbucks**** or *******13c5085a.linkbucks**** or *******7de682fd.linkbucks**** Once you download it, connect your PSP to your Computer. Open up your PSP and open up the .ZIP file you downloaded. Select all the files inside the .ZIP file, click and drag them into your PSP Memory Stick, it will ask if you want to MERGE all of the folders, SELECT YES TO MERGE THEM. Included in the download is all of the required files: -Half Byte Loader -Everyone's Sukkuri Game Demo -Sukkuri HACKED Game Save -Prometheus ISO Loader -Custom HBL Menu EBOOT depending on firmware version To use ISO/CSO files, place them inside the ISO folder on your Memory Stick, and they will show up in Prometheus ISO Loader, if they dont, rename them to something shorter. One thing to mention, SOME PLUGINS will work on this as well, but you cant call the folder SEPLUGINS you have to name it PLUGINS, and note, the compatability is VERY LIMITED, although there is a CXMB that works, check the comments below, a poster named 2luviz2h8, he made a tutorial for the ported CXMB to run custom themes. I know PSPInformation.prx works on this HEN, but NitePR, CWCheat, etc, DO NOT WORK at this point, everything needs porting, ill post anything else i find that works. Please Subscribe, and Join my Website: *******www.SneakyCodes.tk