John Cena Vs Randy Orton Vs Batistia Vs Kane Vs Rey Mysterio

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John Cena Vs Randy Otron Vs Batsita Vs Kane Vs Rey Mysterio "Teaser" Promo For Wrestlemania 25 Dream Match

Storyline- Kane has reys mask but after 3 months of kane burning and steping on the mask rey comes back without a mask a they have a mach at No Way Out. Kane Wins.........Ever Scince John cena beat batista at summer slam batista want revenge but befor that he injuress CM Punk For The world heavyweigt Championship.........And the returning Randy oton Gets His Third Heavyweight Title match and includess himself in the mach after defeating JBL And CM punk For His third title mach!

Conclution- after batista has a spear frenzzy he comes up to batista bomb randy orton..after hauling him up in the air kane low blows batsia letting randy orton get down and deliver an RKO then kane gets up and chockeslames Rey mEsterio after a 619 Attempt...John Cena F-Us Randy Otron .... Batsta After spine busting kane gets caught in and STFU and nearly taps befor he grabs the rope......rey mysterio cuases a deversion to kane who chase rey out of the stadium and leavs john cena and batsia. batista spears john cena after an attempted F-U and Randy Orton Delives a Suprising RKO To win his second Heavyweight Title!!!!


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