Total Drama Island : Sonic Version Opening

By: E123OmegaShow


Uploaded on July 16, 2009 by E123OmegaShow Powered by YouTube

Video made by E123OmegaShow using Paint and The Games Factory

Song: I wanna be Famous

Owen: Big
Geoff: Sonic
Bridgette: Elise
DJ: Vector
Duncan: Shadow
Courtney: Blaze
Leshawna: Sonia
Heather: Rouge
Harold: Espio
Izzy: Marine
Lindsay: Amy
Chef: Eggman
Ezekiel: Fang
Noah: Tails
Eva: Wave
Tyler: Silver
Sadie: Cream
Katie: Cheese
Justin: Mighty
Beth: Cosmo
Gwen: Julie-su
Trent: Knuckles
Cody: Ray

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