Twilight Merchandise: New Moon Cover, Dolls, Lip Gloss

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Hey Twilighters! Coming to you from our Beverly Hills studio, I'm Dana Ward at Clevver TV with a little pr...
Hey Twilighters! Coming to you from our Beverly Hills studio, I'm Dana Ward at Clevver TV with a little product push all about Twilight. It's no secret that this film series is not one to be reckoned with! After impressive, box-office record-breaking money-making power that the vampire film has proven, of course, movie merchandising is hoping to gain a similar fanbase. Starting off simple, the New Moon tie-in book cover is officially revealed. The photo on the cover is a movie-exclusive and features Jacob and Bella embraced, with a faded shot of Edward's face in the background, there are some silhouettes sneaking around in the distance and of course, there's a moon. Plus, this book version offers an exclusive poster inside. Now this next one is a new one. Twilight dolls. The maker of Barbie dolls, Mattel, released its own doll versions of the movie's stars. Bella is the new Barbie while Edward is the new Ken. So does that make Jacob Skipper? That doesn't seem very fair, but apparently, online sales from Canadian Toys R Us's has begun with shipments starting in October. Another fun one is a Twilight makeup line. DuWop cosmetics - who's products reportedly got used at some point on set - has launched its first limited-edition Twilight product based on its popular lip-plumping, shine-making Lip Venom. Half of the lip-plumper is red like blood and it's supposed to be shaken up before use, to symbolize human and vampire coming together. Watch out girls, bc this lip product definitely gives a bit of a bite! Available earlier to fans - in July specifically - is the 2010 New Moon wall calendar. The entire Cullen family is featured on the front and this will make is easy-as-pie to countdown to the 3rd movie premiere. Is there any product out there that you'd LOVE to see made into a Twilight special edition. Let us know! From everyone at Clevver TV, thanks for watching. I'm Dana Ward, and we'll see you soon! Hosted by Dana Ward