Resident Evil 4 Music Video - Haunted (Evanescence)

By: alexiAAshford8591


Uploaded on April 27, 2009 by alexiAAshford8591 Powered by YouTube

---READ ME ---
This is an old video I've just found on my computer. I've made this 2 years ago, but didn't want to upload because I wasn't satisfied with it. I'm still not satisfied but i decided to upload anyway :)
Btw this was uploaded on Google Videos a long time ago, and some ppl downloaded it, and uploaded on youtube. So if you've already seen this here don't be surprised.

...So until my next video is done, here is this ^^
I think this was my very first or second vid that I've made by using Sony vegas, don't be hard on me :D

Song: Evanescence: Haunted

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