Something to Believe In {Tangled}

By: GloriousHysteria


Uploaded on May 27, 2012 by GloriousHysteria Powered by YouTube

This was mainly made because I realised one of my exams was actually later then I thought so naturally instead of using the time to revise more, I used it to make a vid. I started this months ago and my inspiration kind of died out for it but then I randomly heard this song again and it all kind of came back full force. Also been having so many Tangled feels recently. I tried to focus on the film as a whole rather than just the central relationship between Eugene and Rapunzel cause I do have a habit of doing that a lot with my vids. Anyway, hope you enjoy! Credit for picture: (Already used it before, I know, but it's so pretty! *Ican't*)
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