Halo 3: ODST Rap

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*******www.youtube****/watch?v=lklgSn4x0tc Click the above link to watch This is JT Machinima (Halo Bat...
*******www.youtube****/watch?v=lklgSn4x0tc Click the above link to watch This is JT Machinima (Halo Battlegrounds)! Halo 3: ODST Rap (Music Video Machinima) by patfan8326 and skullkruncher13 Remember to check out our album! *******tinyurl****/yjaaobt Follow us on twitter: twitter****/JTMachinima Stay updated by our blog: jtmachinima.blogspot**** Become a fan on facebook: *******tinyurl****/kwe7od LYRICS -- ODST Rap Droppin outta the sky From high orbit frigates The HEVs fly so ODST can bring it But when a shockwave Sent the whole team off course They had to fight the Covenant By solitary force We got Rookie, Hes looking with the best he can do Hes gotta use the clues To find the rest of his crew Keep on exploring the remains Of New Mombasa Dishing out the pain To covenant who want some Buck lands, with no harm He takes up arms And uses stealth to take The Covenant by alarm But Rookie feels defeat He keeps it descrete When he finds Dares helmet In a TV screen An engineer comes near Buck Hes fresh outta luck But then a sniper shot Upon the creatures head is struck And sure enough, Romeo Was up struttin his stuff So he and Buck hit the road A team of two men tough Dutch is up next Enemies will wanna die One hand steers the hog A Spartan laser on his side And Mickeys trickin out hard Kizingo Boulevard The Covenant get scarred With Mickeys tank on guard So he and Dutch The Covenant cannot touch As they defend the ONI from Any enemy clutches But then when the rush hits Upon by the gates They gotta make an escape And destroy the remains Of the base A pelican drops by the place And they get out, with a slap In the covenants face But then, hostile forces put The ship on ground Thats where Buck and Romeo Will make shit go down They were equippin missile pods And rippin em like gods The banshees scream They dont even stand a shot So then the ODST crew Hijacks a phantom They bout to get out When Buck just abandons The plan to scan The land for his companion Dare was lost So now hes gotta find where shes stranded Rookie got her location From the Superintendent This computer told em what The Covenant intended Vergil the Engineer, Pledges his allegiance To the ODST and they see That he means this Cuz he holds the info To exploit their foes So, then Rookie Dare and Buck Escort him down the road Coastal Highway Leads to the final show down The Covenant, in their way Will all get blown out When they reach the fort, They know its time to hold down Brutes, grunts and jackals Face a fatal throw down There was blood shed From the Covenant The humans pumped lead Till they all lay dead With no chance to have fled Their numbers bled The guts just got spread Like jam on bread And then up in the sky A phantom was flyin The seven survivors Flew out in style and Were reunited With the rest of their team Yea, theres no denyin The ODST Orbital Drop Shock Troopers Stealth onto the scene And dont call us out, You can call us ODST Nobody can best me, Silenced SMG Covenant contending Like as if they could end me You cant see me creepin With the M6C And headshottin with the sniper No you cant trick me Ill stick it out and stick you With a few stickies I rock camoflauge like a boss Im ODST We wont stop till we drop Reppin ODST Like the Master Chief, ya cant defeat ODST Youre wishin you had night vision like ODST Yea, were known to drop shock Cuz were ODST FOR MORE MACHINIMA GOTO: *******www.youtube****/subscription_center?add_user=machinima TAGS: Halo 3 Halo ODST 882224729741 Bungie Software Microsoft 5EA001 xbox 360 rap machinima JT halo battlegrounds rap hip hop battle music video project rooster jtmachinima freestyle skullcruncher13 odst reach recon patfan8326 yt:quality=high