Funniest Celebrity Interview Moments 2011/2012

By: GalacticSauce


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A mashup of our interviews so far! We make these for you, share with your friends and get them interested! CHECK EM OUT!: - Simon cowell on Rebecca black: - Rebecca Black on Simon Cowell: - Hilarious Charlie Sheen interview: - Mike Tyson on Pokemon: - Justin Bieber on Zac Efron: - Obama on Drugs: - Donald trump on hookers: - Miley cyrus on Pornography: - Lady GaGa on Justin Bieber: - Lewis Hamilton molested by Rogers: - Cheryl Cole on Christmas: - Russel Brand on Twilight actors: - Cristiano Ronaldo on Justin Bieber: REMINDER: We are in no way, shape, or form trying to humiliate or insult anyone, this video is for entertainment purposes ONLY! enjoy :) Add us on Facebook! :!/pages/Galactic-Sauce/145866112174278 Follow us on Twitter!!/GalacticSauce COPYRIGHT: This video is protected under the Fair Use law (Parody). I have not filmed this interview myself. I own legitimate copies of everything used. Therefore, the interview used is my property but I am not claiming any credit for having produced these interviews. However, the voice-over , editing is done 100% by GalacticSauce. WHO SHOULD WE INTERVIEW NEXT? LEAVE YOUR IDEAS IN THE COMMENT SECTION!!
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