My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Episode 7 - Dragonshy

By: MenloMarseilles


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A sleeping dragon's smoke is disrupting the skies of Ponyville, and Twilight Sparkle is tasked with getting it to leave. All of her friends are set to head to the dragon's lair... all except the fearful Fluttershy, who is not used to the rocky terrain, much less a giant dragon. But when they finally reach the dragon's cave, Fluttershy may be their only hope to convince the enormous beast to leave.

From the TV series "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic", the 2010 reboot of the perennial Hasbro franchise as masterminded by Lauren Faust. If you want higher quality or to watch the episodes as soon as they come out, check out The HUB - the cable/satellite channel where this show runs (along with many others).

Uploaded under the reasoning that Hasbro / The HUB has never made any complaint about such materials in the past - I'm willing to cooperate with the appropriate authorities if I am stepping on any toes here. :)

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