Fluke (the Dog Movie) - To Be By Your Side

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Fluke, best dog movie in the world, with the song To Be By Your Side, by Nick Cave. This song seems made for Fluke instead of Winged Migration:) It tells of Fluke's determination to find his family at any cost and through any obstacle, though in the end he knows he cannot stay . . . Tonight I will be by your side, but tomorrow I will fly . . .

Fluke was played by a Golden Retriever named Comet. His hair was cut and his coat dyed for the part: In the book, by James Herbert, Fluke is a black mutt. This is one of the only films I've ever seen where the movie is better than the book. If you want to see Comet with his natural coat he also stars in the film My Magic Dog.

People are Nancy Travis, Max Pomeranc, Matthew Modine, and Eric Stoltz.

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