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Battlefield 3 BREAKING NEWS - Full Reveal with New details on the AC130 Gunship & Armored Kill DLC. Find out what Aftermath gameplay will look like and MORE! Subscribe for MORE! Follow me @TwTheRedDragon for the latest BF3 News. To get the AC-130 your team must capture a Base on the map. - 2 Gunner Seats - 2 Weapons 1 360 degree anti air gun AC-130 gives jets something to do - protect Gunners in the AC-130 Can deploy flares CAN BE SHOT DOWN - Respawns like normal vehicles - If the enemy team has captured the base then it will respawn for them As long as your team holds the AC-130 - you can use it as a mobile spawn beacon - Use it tactically to spawn in over bases as it circles the sky - It is on a guided circle formation. You can spawn on it even if people are occupying the gunner seats. Endgame introduces motorcycles Aftermath will be a pack featuring Iran after a major earthquake Bandar desert - biggest map in BF history - all are really Big maps in Armored Kill - (Other Themes besides desert possibly) Mobile Artillery is weak on defense - must have a good position or have defenders Dumb Fired or Target Designated?? - Not Sure - they are still tweaking to make sure its not overpowering - Not Point and Click No Infantry weapons in AK - just vehicles Spectator Mode in Files? RUMOR Not Yet Confirmed • YouTube: • Twitter:!/twthereddragon • Live: • Facebook: • Google +: • GTPO: • Gaming News: • Gaming News Twitter:!/BattleStrats • Subscribe: Watch the Re-Run of the Battlefield 3 Developer Chat & See Gameplay from Armored Kill: Music Royalty Free: Enter the Party "Battlefield 3" Armored Kill Battlefield3 Battlefield 3 BF3 AC130 AC-130 Gunship Lockheed Details gunner seat fly drive Weapons Maps Game modes news information DLC Gameplay Preview Review Premium multiplayer online download details release date howto features E3 2012 DICE EA "Battlefield 3 Armored Kill" Xbox360 Xbox PS3 PC Playstation Spectator Mode C130 Hercules gameplay Aftermath Iran Earthquake revealed reveal vlog news info features spectator mode weapons desert snow jungle mobile artillery
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